Research on Retention – Our spectacular results are between 75% and 90% retention

We use the most successful method where children retain up to 75% of what they learned by combining passive and participatory teaching methods.

​Many therapists, researchers, and professors (Dr. Edgar Dale, Education Professor at Ohio State University, National Training Laboratories, Bethel Maine, and the World Bank) study how to increase learning retention of new material. It seems that there has not been any clinical research to corroborate the percentages displayed on “The Learning Pyramid” but they have been generally accepted in the training field for many years.

The average retention rate percentages and steps displayed, in the graphic, were adapted by the World Bank.

Our unique program has children participate in all passive methods along with participatory methods of group discussion and practice to achieve an average retention rate of 75% and our leadership students have a retention rate of 90%.

Research on Retention?

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