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#1 Won’t it teach kids to fight, be more aggressive or even become bullies. To the contrary, a quality martial arts program gives children the self-confidence, tools, and skills to walk away from a fight.

#2 I don’t like MMA and I don’t want kids learning this? We agree, MMA is not a marital art. Marital arts have belts, curriculums, and teach respect and discipline.

#3 Martial Arts is for boys only and not for girls. It might have been that way, but our current classes are about 50% boys and 50% girls.

#4 Martial Arts is not recommend for school and it will not improve their grades. We have teachers, principals, and other educators recommend our program because of the positive behavior changes and increased grades. (Click here to view teacher comments). We even have one local middle school that pays the school bus to bring them to our classes, and drive them home. The middle school pays for all transportation as well as classes. They bring us their children year after year that have the biggest behavior problems and we have been successful in helping to improve school behavior and grades.

#5 Martial Arts will not flow into positive results in the home. We consistently have parents thank us for reinforcing/supporting family values, counseling children on their home behavior, and for helping their children learn life’s very valuable lessons. 

Martial Arts Misconceptions

“We Empower Children from Disrupted Families

to Succeed at home, school and Life.”